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What to Expect

Your Consultation and Chiropractic Exam

At your first visit, our doctors will take a comprehensive history of your previous and current conditions in order to gain a better understanding of your level of health.  This helps us determine what may be prohibiting you from reaching your goals.  We will then conduct a chiropractic exam and nervous system scan.  X-rays may be performed if needed at this point.  The doctors will review your exam findings and customize a plan best suited to each individual. 

Determining Your Care

On your next visit we will go over the results of your exam and explain how we may be able to help.  We will show you exactly what we found, how severe it is, what your suggested care plan consist of, and how much it is going to cost.  Here you can get all of your questions answered about your personalized plan and how to attain the best results.  Then you will receive your first adjustment.  

Continued Care

As you progress through your plan our doctors will work together as a team to bring you quality care.  Based on your findings we will periodically repeat scans to track how your body is responding and make changes if necessary.  We can't wait to see you function at your highest potential and reach your health goals. 

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